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(1) Web reporting system WSPRO (below »Web portal«) is property of company RCL Int d.o.o. By entering the web site you agree to general terms and conditions, which are described below.

(2) The web portal is intended solely for business partners RCL Int d.o.o. or those users which RCL Int d.o.o. allowed the use of the portal in the form of written permission. Any misuse of the web portal is considered as an action that gives the company RCL Int d.o.o. the right to prohibit the use of Web portal and cancelation username and password.

(3) The report, which you will submit to the web site will be recorded on the web portal and internal system for managing enterprise applications RCL Int d.o.o. The report is considered as an customer order. Company RCL Int d.o.o. will handle the report in accordance with individual contract which has been concluded between the RCL Int d.o.o. and business partner. For the service RCL Int d.o.o. will issue a bill in accordance with individual contract or from the last valid price list for the service. Latest prices are avaliable to the business partners at sight in RCL Int d.o.o. headquaters.

(4) The web portal will be used by business partners as well as internal users of RCL Int d.o.o. Content on the website is an opinion of an individual, not the opinion RCL Int d.o.o. RCL Int d.o.o. can not guarantee and is not responsible for the content users post on the web portal.

(5) In case of non-functioning of this web-portal you can send a report via e-mail podpora@rcl.si

(6) Any breach of the general terms and conditions of WSPRO RCL Int d.o.o. has the right to delete your account and ban the user from portal.

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